"National Day" Antwerpen

Downloads available

How to treat sequelae of severe traumatization in patients with BPD? Prof. Martin Bohus (Mannheim, Germany)
   Off-label medication in psychiatry: Pro’s and Con’s, Prof. Pierre Baumann (Lausanne, Switzerland)
  Exploring auditory-verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia from a neuroscientific approach: state of the art and future directions, Dr. Frank Laroi (ULG, Belgium)
  Psychiatry and psychotherapy in the electronic age, Prof. Martin Desseilles (FNDP, Namur, Belgium) 
  ECNP supported talk: Indication or mechanism of action? How should we best describe psychotropic drugs ? Prof. Guy Goodwin (Oxford, U.K.) 
  Emotion regulation in bipolar disorder, Prof. Chantal Henry (Paris, France)






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